‚ÄčFor the past two years, The Luminal has brought fresh, classic, mind-bending, and thought-provoking films to Bedford-Stuyvesant under our mission of making cinema, in particular non-Hollywood films of the Black/African diaspora available to our art-centered community and all visitors within.  

We are now seeking  a permanent space to continue that mission, BUT... in the meanwhile we need your help to continue bringing fresh activities to Bed-Stuy. 
If you care about offering alternatives in everyday activities for your family, friends and neighbors...

Your tax-free donation will help bring to Bed-Stuy:

  • Youth and Elder film education programs
  • a continuous home to Black film in Brooklyn
  • stellar Black independent films from local, national, and international filmmakers
  • another way to connect the Bed-Stuy film arts community to their neighbors

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